Lavi’s Lavish Feast

Winter 2020 | Brand Management | DTC Brand Creation

“There are more than 2000 special days across various culture in a year (Yes, 365 days)”

“More than 62% of those special days are celebrated by FOOD”

To people with a sense of ceremony and curiosity toward special days in different cultures, Lavi’s is the brand of meal subscription boxes that offer ready-to-cook meals typical for celebrating different special days and helping customers learn about various cultures. Unlike other food deliveries that only send you a meal, we deliver knowledge of culture and special meaning for your day!

Based on a large scale consumer insights research, we found the market needs for the specialized meal kits subscription and the ideas for celebrating special events.

“I want to meet some foreign friends who can teach me how to celebrate their holiday and how to prepare some authentic food”

“Because I am not familiar with the cooking process and ingredients, and I don’t know where I can get them, I hope someone can tell me where I can get all of them, or ideally, someone can get it for me altogether.”

“I am out of ideas about what to do on the weekend. My friends and I are tired of exploring the local restaurants (it’s fun initially, but it’s so costly and repetitive). We want to spend some time at home too.”

Based on the qualitative and quantitative researches, we found a white space at the intersection of the meal-kit delivery and the private event management. Lavis is the specialized meal kit delivery service. It provides a monthly subscription service to deliver ready-to-cook food for special days across the world to your home.

By choosing the days you want to celebrate during the subscription, you can customize the dinner sizes and wait for your Lavi’s box arriving on that day. Within Lavi’s box, there are fresh ingredients, authentic step-by-step recipes, cultural knowledge about the special day and the corresponding themed decoration.

At Lavi’s, we hope to create an inspirational, cultural, and authentic relationship with people who possess curiosity towards food and culture and seek meaningful day-to-day experiences. Intrinsically, Lavi’s represent a delightful, cheerful, and open-minded culture. It is inclusive and welcoming. It is inspiring and upliftings. With Lavi’s, every day and every moment is memorable and worth celebrating.

With the first-mover advantages in the above-explained niche market (Authentic recipe plus meals & event planning), through its online direct-to-customer distribution and communication channel, Lavi’s revenue streams mainly include the monthly subscription fee and the paid offline cultural experience and food cooking classes.

The major costs for Lavi’s include the customer acquisition fees at the earlier stage, which might consist of marketing, promotion, search engine optimizations, and event planning, etc. Moreover, the logistics and supply chain management (fresh ingredients with fast delivery) are the other big block of costs. Last but not least, the business operation fees will be another spending as the business operates.

Once you placed the order on our website, you will receive the subscribed meal-kit box with ready-to-cook ingredients for authentic foreign meals with specific theme decorations, event planning suggestions, and cultural education cards from our package.

To help you better understand how Lavi’s work, we made a short video to illustrate what Lavis stands for, how the subscription works, how to subscribe, and place orders through our website.

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